Systems For Pure and ultrapure water


  • 4 configurations are available for different applications: Standard; with Dual Wavelength UV; with Ultra filter (UF) and with both UV and UF.
    ASTM Type I (Basic,UV,UF,UV/UF)
  • Systems also available with TOC Monitoring: UV/TOC, & UV/UF/TOC
    TYPE I With TOC Monitoring
  • Direct Tap to ULTRA-PURE System
  • TYPE I D.Ultra - HPLC Grade lab water system
  • Completely GLP compliant systems ,RS 232 facility to print out data at programmable regular
  • Complete validation protocols available with calibration certificates
  • High purity water for Pharma, Biotechnology, Chemical Industries, Universities, Research Institutes, Private Labs, Quality Labs, Clinical Analyzers


  • Reverse Osmosis ion exchange systems to generate ASTM Type II water from potable tap water
  • For requirement of water from 20 ltrs/day upto 350 ltrs/day
  • Systems for daily needs for dissolution, buffer preparation, analyzer feeding etc
  • Economical systems with low running cost
  • 2 Pure Water Outlets
  • Quality monitoring with built in microprocessor controls
  • Recirculation from tank to ion exchange ensures consistent quality of water
  • Analytical Grade TYPE II RO With DI Detail
    Analytical Grade TYPE II RO With EDI


  • The cost effective, high quality alternative to distillation systems
  • Exceeds all quality requirements of general laboratory single distilled water
  • Significant reduction in power costs
  • Saves Energy & water
  • Low running & Maintenance cost
  • Type III Grade Lab Water System

Pretreatment and Storage

  • Multimedia –To counter feed quality variations
  • Hardness Stabilizer Anti sequestering capsule
  • 10,5 ,3, 1, 0.5, 0.2 micron pore size depth pre filters
  • Combination Cartridge (Activated Carbon Block & silver impregnated granules)for Removal of dissolved gases like Chlorine & adsorption of organics
  • Automatic softeners
  • Feed Booster pump
  • We custom design pre filtration unit according to the feed water conditions
  • Brochure
    Water Deionization With ION Exchange Cartridges

Automatic hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Keeping free of bacteria on your hands everyday is really essential to you handling all kinds of reagent and chemical substance in diverse laboratories and this is absolutely crucial for both your health and invaluable test process in your laboratory.

Industrial Water Purification System

Water filters for all industrial uses. In a strict environment like an industrial one, your organization needs the most efficient of machines. Rions aims to provide you world-class industrial standards water filtration system for your manufacturing needs. Rest assured of quality of Rions products and their ability to cope with the rigorous daily grind of work. Because when we say clean, we mean industrial clean.

International Replacement Cartridges for Laboratory Water System

Rions offer economical replacement filters for Millipore brand laboratory water systems.

Laboratory equipment Division

Rions has been a leading global resource of laboratory & industrialproducts, instrumentation, equipment, & supplies. Our products are sold throughout the India throgh strong network of national dealers. Our warehouse is stocked with many of the 3000 items we offer the scientific & industrial markets. In addition to our out standing range of equipment, Rions has exceptional technical support. Customers can rely on our team of highly trained technical Application Specialists to assist them in selecting a product tailored to their specific application needs, as well as to help troubleshoot on existing system.